Corrective Color

We specialize in corrective color and will do our best to maintain the integrity of your hair.

Pease be prepared to offer as much information about the process your hair went through to get it to the point it’s at now. This information can assist your colorist in a speedier service. If you don’t know, that’s ok too we’ll still get your hair corrected.

Usually color can be corrected in one visit, but not always. Depending upon degree of damage and correction necessary, it may require more than one appointment to get you to your final color destination.

Cuts For Men, Women & Children

We prefer to provide you with the full service beginning with a relaxing shampoo and ending with a beautiful blow dry and styling, however we can accommodate you if you prefer a wet or dry cut.


We are experts in all forms of coloring, including full gray coverage, multi dimensional colors and today's fashion colors.

Special Occasion Styling

From a simple daily styling to your first dance, the prom or your big day wedding hair, we will delight you with the look you're after!

Straightening, Perming, Smoothing

We're not always born with the hair we love. We'll transform your unruly curls into sleek, straight and silky locks.

That flat, limp hair that won't do a thing can have beautifully permed curls with firm, long lasting resluts. Frizzy hair can be smoothed to controllable, no more fly away strands.

Just give us a call and let the process begin!

Hair Extensions

We offer several different types of hair extensions. A consultation is required.